SEO Ngram Tool

Explore search keyword suggestions as Ngrams

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What's an NGram?

An Ngram is a continuous sequence of N items from a text. Ngrams are not keywords. Keywords can each contain multiple Ngrams. Example: The Ngrams of "Ryan Jones SEO" would be: [Ryan, Jones, SEO, Ryan Jones, Jones SEO, Ryan Jones SEO]

What's This Do?

This tool examines "related search terms" from Google and Bing, breaks them down into N-grams, and displays them in a visual format to help inform your content strategy. It also shows the relationship between search term suggestions.

What Else Does SEODataViz Do?

The tool currently works in 3 ways. The main tool examines the "related searches" from Google and Bing. The NGram tool lets you upload your own copy or keyword list. The Compare tool compares the text copy from 2 different URLs.

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